Coming Soon

I will release the first single of my upcoming album „kassetter“ on May 27! 

The first single is called „One is still on the way“ featuring Ralf Gustke on drums, Tobias Weindorf on Wurlitzer piano and Phil Rehm on bass.

The music of „kassetter“ is written and produced by Uli Brodersen and mixed and mastered by Reinhard Kobialka@TopazStudio Cologne

Out Now




2022-04-20 20:00 Live Stream on Youtube „Academy of Tone“ by Bluguitar w/ Special Guest Uli Brodersen

Here is the Link to the Live Stream

2022-05-22, 14 Uhr, Uli Brodersen & Trio Légère Golfclub Restaurant, Golfclub Saarbrücken, Ticket-Link

2022-06-11, St. Wendel, Stadtfest, Magdalenenhof, Open-Air Bühne, Uli Brodersen PT w/Amandus – Keys&Synth-Bass, Ralf Gustke – Drums

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